How do I find the owner of a piece of commercial property?

 I've found two adjacent commercial properties that are fire damaged, so I'm hoping to get them under contract for a song.  But, I can't figure out who owns them or even how to find the owner of ANY commercial property.
 Over the last two months, I've become a ninja at tracking down residential owners, so this is very frustrating!  They are in San Diego county (as am I), so any links or advise would help me out alot.

Thank guys.

Perhaps they don’t want you to find them…???


Umm… yes, that may be the case. But, what I meant was that I can’t even find a database to even search for commercial property owners. The places & techniques that I use to find residential owners don’t list commerial properties. So, that being said, how do you guys find commercial owners?

I don’t know how anything works in CA. After all, the ballot for governor was a porn star, Gary Coleman and Arnold Schqrfwegdfnlgshlas. But in MD it’s very simple;

-Tax Records or Deed (Public Information)
From where you hopefully find a company name that owns the property

-Then you see who registered that company (Public Information)

  • Use your ninja turtle skills to find the owners phone number

post what county you are in and maybe I can help you…

Ah Ha! I figured it out. It was on the same site that I use to do my residential searches…

First enter in the address to get the parcel numer (residential) or the bill number (commercial). Then do a new search and enter in the parcel or bill number to get the owner. Yay!

This is for San Diego county… Hopes this helps others out besides me!

go here; I have a website the I work with that list almost all US state and counties;

heres your link: