how do I find the 'new buyer' area?

I’d like to know how to locate an area where new buyers are buying.
thanks in advance to those that respond

New buyers are buying in every market. Why are you looking for “new” buyers?


Mike… Sorry, let me qualify. I’m looking for starter areas. In other words, where do majority of buyers look to buy their first property.

It won’t be McMansion but it also probably will not be a ‘war zone’


Look for areas with lower priced homes that serve as a good entry level for college grads and first time home buyers, typically you look for prices for first buyers, not areas. Also check in public tax records to note areas of the highest turnover

I hope this helps

I agree. Its not the “area” as much as it is the “price”. I have sold houses in 4 different areas of town that have all gone to new or first time home buyers.