I’m trying to get into wholesaling to get some cash

If I don’t have any money to buy any software to look up property address.

How do I find out if the taxes are being mailed to another address?

Should I just mail a letter to the vacant house?

Howdy FMM:

No special software needed to find tax info online if it is available online. Just do a Google search for your county and you will find the web site. The info there will be where the tax bills are going. Vacant houses have address and the tax bill could be going there too and being returned to the taxing authority. They will also accept phone calls the old fashioned way and answer your questions


I live in Georgia.

The main counties that I work in don’t provide that information.

The county website won’t tell you if the taxes are being mailed to another address.


I live in Cleburne Tx… We have web sites that we can go to get tax info;. If you are having a problem with getting the information that you need, try going to the (Court House) and getting the information first hand! This is public information,they have to give it to you! joehagan222