How do I find serious investors?

I have property that I don’t need and I am looking for investors to give it to.

Where at? Your going to give it away? IF so, I am in.

If you are in the giving mood then I want in also. Where is this property located? What’s the catch?

Count me in too…give us details.

Thanks for the reply, I have a list of residential property ranging from the 100k-500k in the MD area. I don’t need them but I still am not just going to give them away, well depends on what we can negotiate. I’m always open for negotiation.

If you ever want to find serious investors, contact your local investment club or work with an agent who can bring you a qualified buyer. If you just put a post on a website, you’re going to get every person under the sun emailing you. Be careful and check out all of their credentials. If you don’t use a realtor, get a lawyer to can represent you.