How do I find Private Money?

What is the best way to market for and present to someone a plan for private funds? Im just getting started but Im coming across great deals left and right that Im unable to jump on because of my lack of funds.
Any advice?

Try your local REI clubs, present your opportunity to everyone you know, craigslist, newspaper, hard money lenders list on the left side, ask other investors, agents and real estate professionals. There is money out there, make it a win-win opportunity and illustrate the risk. If the deals are as good as your say, then you have no problem illustrating that worst case scenarios can happen and their investment will be safe.

Most definitely the REI clubs and other investors.

You could also contact your local title company. While you are discussing their business and how you can help them, ask them if they know who is lending private money to investors in that area.

Title companies and REIs are all good ideas to start with. I have found private money with friends/family/coworkers. Just be sure that you are compliant with SEC regs at for reg d offerings.