How do I Find Owners

How do I go about finding Owners of properties in these cases:

  1. Tax information of rental property says owner lives there, but the owner doesn’t

  2. Vacant property tax info has owners address as the vacant property. ( owner doesn’t live there. No one lives there. lol)

This is very time sensitive. I’ve located vacant properties that will make a good investment if I can find the owners and get them under contract




Try, there is a charge but they find the seller most of the time.

You can do a search of the owners on You can also send a letter to the
property and put “Return Address Correction Requested”. The post-office will provide you with a new address if they have it on file. Check with your post office, I think this is how the verbage is suppose to be. You can check with the neighbors, run a skip trace, if you have a friend or someone who works for a utility company, see if they can get a forwarding address.

Remember, the harder the sellers is to find, the better the deal!

Best Regards,
Jeff Adam

The skip tracers like will do better if you have a soc sec number. I’ve occassionally found them by looking at the mortgage or deed in the records. It is sometimes by their name.

Also, check with the neighbors and offer cash.

Call the tax assessor office and find out where the property tax bill was sent. Good luck