how do I find owner's contact info?

I am very new to the world of real estate investing, and I had a few questions about wholesaling.

I’ve been driving around looking for houses.

Question 1 - How do I find the owner’s contact information?

Question 2 - In some areas, the houses are so bad that you don’t know whether the house is empty or someone is living in it and just not taking care of the house. How can you make sure it’s empty/abandoned before moving on?

Question 3 - If there is a real estate agent involved, should i just not even bother? Or should I contact them? Or get my realtor to contact them to negotiate a deal?

Thank you in advance!

One of the easiest ways to find the owner’s contact info is by looking up the tax record. Go to your local city’s website, and search for real estate information. You may have to type in property assesment in the search field. By typing in the property’s address you should find the owner’s information. At that point a simple search should do. In some cases the owner’s info may be a little harder to find, but atleast you will have a name and mailing address from the tax record. Happy Hunting!

I have the same challenge so does everyone else, which makes the deal even better when you find them. I was about to ask the same question but I thought I would reply to some of these posts. Here are the various ways I look for people if anybody can give me anymore ideas it would be much appreciated.

Property Profiles provided by the title company
Tax assessors records
Google - they damn near want a DNA sample

I know of properties as well, and can’t find the owners to save my life. :help

you may be able to save a trip to the Assessor’s office