How do I find out who the bank is?

A home in my neighborhood comes up in a search as being REO. There is no information with regard to a bank, owner, agent…nothing. It appears that the bank assumed ownership just two weeks ago. Where do I go or how do I find out which bank it is if I want to make an offer on it? Thanks!!

Once the bank assigns an REO Agent, they will put a sign up and then you will have to go through the Agent.

It can take from two week to well over a month before the agent gets the property listed and a sign in front. Until then the property is in a pre-market status and there is nothing you can do. Contacting the bank and/or the asset manager will only waist their time and your own. Just keep watching for the property to get listed.

GooD LucK! :beer

Thank you both! We’ll hope for the best!