How do I find Lis Pendons in Ohio...Please help

Good day all, I have been hearing about lis pendons from books and experienced investors and how to find them at the court house, online, newspapers, title agencies, etc. I have made numerous calls to the courts, looked online and called title agencies only to have them ask, what are you looking for again?? I’m beginning to think I would have better luck finding bigfoot. Is there anyone from Ohio that knows how all this works and could guide me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You will either need to find and subscribe to an aggregator that collects, sorts, and sells this information, or you’ll have to visit the county recorder’s office personally, and find out how to sift for these situations/documents.

Lis pendens is a recorded notice that real estate is involved in a pending lawsuit.

The suits could include anything from an agent suing for an unpaid commission, to an hair heir suing for his share of the proceeds of a will, and anything in between.

I’m curious what kinds of lis pendens situations you’re looking for, and why.

Javipa, I am searching for the lis pendens filed by lenders against mortgagors who have not made a mortgage payment for 90 days. I have read this is the beginning of the foreclosure process and a possible lead to follow by direct mailing.