How do I find investors to bird dog for?

how do I find investors that are willing to get a bird dog with very little experience but a desire to learn about real estate?
Purchase option, lease option, sub2, forclosures are my areas of interest? Could somebody please send me in the right direction to learn by doing after all this reading (which has helped a ton)?

What state/City are you located in ??


A great place to start is at your local REIA. Also check the classifieds for the “I Buy Houses” ads, and the bandit signs that are probably posted around your town. If you can find out when the next foreclosure auction is, there are bound to be Investors there. Check with the Clerk of courts for auction dates.

Make sure you are looking for properties that fit your Investors needs, and treat it like a business.

Good luck


I might can help. What is your location?

                                                Tim Sparks