How do i find an investor in md

hi my name is kia and i am looking to work with an investor to help me with funding for some properties that i have been researching. i am looking to rehab and then sell so more like a fix and flip type of thing. this would be my very first investment I’m a fast learner and open to anything. i just want to learn more and make money at the same time.

Kia, Welcome to the REI Club and the best of success in your endeavors. :beer

You can search the many investor online…so keep searching. you will get new good business partner soon. best of luck for that.


How much money do you have to invest?

Well .this is my first investment I looking to do something small to just get my feet wet

Call we buy houses signs on the streets and online Craigslist etc. Join your local Reia clubs and constantly network. Sign up to be on wholesalers buyers lists.