How do I find accurate information on training companies?

I am new to investing. I believe I had found a good program, but then I ran across a very negative review but was informed that the site giving the bad rap was bogus. I found no bad information on the secretary of state web site for their home state, in fact I found a “certificate” that said it is a company in good standing with the state. BBB for the area had no negative information either. I am not sure that I am allowed to name the company here? I have found very good, and free, info in local library, online,etc., but this companies program promises to teach,guide and fund your first purchase, splitting the profit 70-30. They pay a 1% finders fee when the purchase is closed, and they fund all rehab, carrying costs and selling costs. The owner is not on any “guru” lists. I want to go with them as they include funding for first purchase in their price. Any suggestions? Am I allowed to ask by name??

Yes, please name the company. There’s so many people on these forums that most likely someone has already had a previous experience with the company and can give you first hand info on them.

The name of the company is Dynamic Solutions and Systems, Mr Beau Woods out of Colorado.

there seems to be many of these REI investment company with promises and I noticed over the years many come out of Colorado for some reason, must be the laxed laws. I know New Wave is there and I almost thought it was them since they have the promised of commissions paid ad paying for everything. Could be them with a new name.

The catch on these companies is they make is almost impossible to say YES to the deal. They are making money by selling the courses, not buying REI.

One of my favorite training companies is Russ Whitney (I took only one class with them long time ago) because all his boot camps are taught by real time investors who are sucessful which is why the classes are taught all over the US because of where the teacher lives.

Like any guru, you will always have negative feedback and positive. To many people think just because I am in the class I will make money and get pissed. You still have to work at it.

Now my opinion for learning. Goto your local REI club. Many have an inhouse training program for a cheaper fee and since they are local you will learn your market.

Lee, I’m not familiar with this particular outfit. But my suggestions is, first, hold on to your wallet. Then do your due diligence. Color me skeptical.

Don’t be in such a rush to get into REI. A good investor is patient and a good way to learn patients is to work hard. Don’t look for the fast track, look for places you can learn about REI like here. Your local REIA is also a must join. Read some books to get the lingo and to learn the basics of techniques and then pick one area you like and concentrate on that.

Just my 2 cents

Thanks so much for the feedback. I am going to have patience, as there is no fast track shortcut. Thanks for taking the time to reply. :exclaim

I am definitely not using. I have found the same testimonials on another website for a different company advertising similar services. The internet is a great thing isn’t it? Put up a site using the desired templates (that you purchase from ???), get an email account and start selling. DUE DILIGENCE. Thanks for slowing me down. Phone is ringing, well, guess who it is…