How do I find a title company...

Hey guys, when wanting to find a title company to work with, how do I go about finding the right person to talk to about their policies?

I mean, I could open up the yellow pages but more than likely I will be talking to a secretary and I dont think it’s her/his job to be answering technical questions about closings.

So, when I call a title company from the yellow pages, who do I ask to talk to about these things? How should I approach this situation?


How many have you visited thus far?


None. I’m still uber noob and have yet to need a TC for anything. Are you saying I should just walk in and start talking to somebody?

I just dont want to come off as totally uneducated and green, however I do know the questions I want to ask, I just dont know who I should be asking them to. Know what I mean?


They are humans working there. Trust me, you won’t be the first ‘green’ (and not in hte ‘environmental’ kinda green!) investor they’ve seen. Everyone started with their first one.

This business is all about personal contacts. Get out and meet people!


Agree. Don’t be shy. The totle agents are as hungry for business as realtors are these days. Just walk in and tell them you are “shopping around” for a title company to partner with and you’ll get great treatment.

Ask at your local investor’s association. They’ll save you visiting the bad ones.