How do I find a real estate broker after getting my real estate salesperson lice

I am going to graduate high school at the end of this school year and have decided to become a real estate salesperson in Texas but I don’t understand how to find a broker after obtaining my license. So after I finally get it what would I do? I am also going to school to get my teaching degree so until I find the broker I will either still be in school or have a job as an elementary school teacher; so if you are able to explain it to me please. Thank you! Bye!

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You can count on being solicited by numerous Brokers in your area after you enroll in the training class as well as after you pass your state exam…not to worry. Just focus on you goal of passing the exam and you will be contacted by Brokers.

Take your time in making a decision and comparing what the Brokers offer for supporting your business efforts.

Hope this helps.


I was never solicited by brokers during the training course, but I also was never refused an interview with a broker/office manager about joining. They’ll present a crummy desk/franchise fee and commission structure and accept anyone who agrees to it. The key is negotiating lower monthly fees and a better commission structure or you’ll walk out the office. You’re the salesperson. It’s up to you to solicit them and negotiate the best deal for yourself like you’ll be doing with real estate listings. You can go months without a sale so it’s best find an arrangement with the lowest monthly costs.