How do I find a GOOD Property Management company in SC

I am very new at this - this is my first post so if I am violating something, let me know.

In the RE seminar I went to, I heard some very bad things about property management companies.

I need to know how to find a GOOD Property Management company in Moncks Corner, SC.

I do not live in Moncks Corner, SC (I live in LA, CA) so I can’t go to an investor’s meeting there to see who is best. Does anyone know how to find out if there are investor’s meetings there and how to contact them?

Does anyone have a suggestion for me?

Thanks for any help!


I would go to your local Real Estate Investing Group meeting. Network with other investors and find out who they are using or who they would recommend.

Patti Porter

where is moncks, sc?

call some local realtors…ask lots of question when you find one like how many properties do they mgmt, how long in business?, etc