How do I find a birddog if I want to be the "investor"?

How do I find a birddog in my area if I want to be the investor? I am just learning so hopefully that question makes sense.

Basically, I want to know how to find properties other than the MLS.


Zoey what area are you in? I would just let people know you are looking for a bird dog, I am a newbie and I would birddog for someone just to learn so there are alot of us out there who need people like you willing to pay us to do the work so that we can get to were you are.

See I am looking to raise capital for my own business and If Im unsure of how to do the deal or come up with the money I can certainily go find the good deals even If Im not sure how to finalize them yet. Its all about team work and Im sure you can find someone eger to assist you.

Thanks hope you find someone

Happy investing