how do I finance this one

Need some creative input…just found 190 units, 165 are occupied, cap is 11. Price is 3mil. trouble is I do not have enough capital to put this deal together.

Any ideas on 100% commerical money/ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

95% CLTV is available if the seller carries 20%.
90% LTV is available with no seller carry back.

80% LTV and 100% CLTV is available if the seller carries 20% secured against a property other than the subject.

How much do you have to put down? What is your fico? In LLC right? What is your GPM and DCR? Yes … will seller carry back 5 % to 10%.Would need to see the rent rolls and last 2 years of operating income. Have lenders that will go to DCR or DTI. First of all, please do say you have it on contract? If 3 million, you will need at least 300,000 down.Can you do this?
Do you have any thing to cross collataterizie? Do you have a buyer agent representing you? Is there a seller agent? Why is the property for sale? Have you seen the property yet? Hope this help. Good luck