How Do I Double Assign A Wholesale Deal?

Here’s the situation…I have more buyers than true wholesale deals which for my buyers is 40% - 55% in a variety of markets in e.coast, mid-west (yes, they care more about the deal, than location)…other wholesalers have asked me to shop their deals to my buyers list, I am happy to do so, but I do not work for free.

How can I ensure I get paid from closing?

  1. Does wholesaler assign to me…then I assign to my buyer? Will title/closing accept two assignment forms?

  2. Or does wholesaler write me in directly to assign form? But then I risk exposing some of my “big dog” buyers??

Thanks in advance…I have no desire to be a realtor, just happen to have some where as others have the reverse problem.

I could be way off here, but why wouldn’t you just have them pay you a fee for the job without even having to be involved in the closing?

I agree with OnlyDirtonce, are these people you have worked with before?

These are not people I have worked with before which is why I wanted to find a way to easily secure my position. A simple fee agreement with a couple cash poor newbie’s (who finds great deals)…could leave me NOT getting paid…and also exposing my top buyers.
I am happy to help any newbie that can find the deals…just want to make sure I get paid for my time and my contacts.

Do a double assignment, like you said.

I have done them before, with no problem. You just have to make sure the title company knows what they are doing.

It always gets a little more complicated with multiple parties involved, so you just have to make sure to stay on top of everything.

Good luck, :cool

You have buyers that want to buy hoses? Please explain further.