How do I determine what to pay bird dogs?

Hey guys,

I am from the detroit, michigan area and I am new to this forum. I am a REI newbie and I was wondering how do I determine how much to pay a bird dog? Do I go by the amount of potential profit?

A bird dog contacted me via email and asked me “what do I have to offer” and I don’e know what to tell them. I wanted to know what do newbie RE investors pay bird dogs for their services?



I’m new to the biz myself. I got lucky two months in, and made $17,000 on deal where I took an option out on a house and sold it for $17,000 more than what the owner was asking. Luck I guess…

Anyway, Ron LeGrand says you should pay your birddogs $5 per lead–that meets your requested requirements.

I’m my own birddog at this time. I want to flip a few and make some cash, before I tell my birddogs what I’m looking for.

I hope I was some help to you.


Hey catfish,

5 bucks a lead?? That really doesn’t seem like much.

Well Ret

I think (I hope) that if a particular lead turns out to be something that an investor buys, the bird dog will get more

Around here in Jersey, I hear that being a bird dog pays from $250-$500 per purchased property

So if you bring the guy/girl 10 leads thats $50…if they buy the place, hopefully you get the $250/$500 :wink:

At least thats MY understanding of it ;D

Hey Jerseygirl,

Now I got it. That sounds more like it.

Thanks for the info.


Sure no problem :wink: