How do I bird dog?

I am in Ft.Lauderdale,FL.,33311. How and what do I do to become a bird dog in this area?Do I need to sign any contract with any one to do this?

I reccomend you do wholesaling, it’s really simple and fun. It takes work though but not any more than bird dogging.
Find some properties needing a lot of repair, negotiate with the seller his lowest price, get him to sign ur agreement that hes selling to you for x dollars and giving you x amount of days to do it.
Give him a few buks for an earnest deposit, Ive used a one dollar bill before.
Advertise on Craigs List a Handymans Special, add 5-15K for your profit, then assign ur agreement to your buyer. Let him do the Escrow with Title Company.
Its really as simple as that. Order that book called, “Real Estate Profits on Steroids” on Amazon for a few buks, it has the contracts and more detailed info.
A child could do it, I wished I had known about it years ago.


I would recommend that you locate a few investors that are actively buying all cash in your areas. What I learned the hard way is that in order to be productive and profitable, we must have a client to perform for.

This alone will open up the universe of endless deals coming your way. Another great technique that I learned from this site is to contact owners with properties for rent. You would be surprised at the deals you come across from that source.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Im brand new to wholeselling… in all the books I have read 1 thing is missing… a basic sample contract - so that I can go to a seller - get the rights and then take it to an investors and get paid for bringing the deal… any help?

Everyone I know who wholesales, uses the contract produced by the Real Estate Commission in our state. Although you can find contracts in almost every book, and all over the internet, the real estate commission contract was written by lawyers, and is seen daily by title companies. Title companies are ran by lawyers and won’t want to use a contract they’ve never seen before without looking at it first, which they may or may not charge you to do.

I recommend you contact a local real estate investing group, and ask if that is a common practice where you are at. Most of these groups have online forums just like this one, so contacting members should be quite easy.

Best of luck.

Is the book “Flipping Deals, Real Estate Profits On Steroids” by Jackie Lange?

I agree that you should find a Real Estate investment group to consult with about the contract. You can also see if you can meet with a Real Estate lawyer.

Either way, you do need a contract. You’ll need more than one if you provide this service for more than one wholesaler or investor. Some may already have Bird Dog contracts of their own. It’s your job to make sure that they are legit.

Bird Dogging can be tricky, but profitable. SO be carefil and good luck! :biggrin

Join your local real estate investing club. Yes, you will need a contract. For more info on birddogging, see my link below in my signature.

From my personal experience it’s not very profitable to be a bird dog. But if you want to get started this way then here is what you should do…

• Find local investors in your area by calling numbers on signs that say things like “I Buy Houses” and classified ads that say the same thing. Call them and find out what type of properties they like and negotiate a price for every lead you give them that they close on. Around $500 to $1,000.
• Keep track of your investors and what they like using spread sheets.
• Search for properties online and by driving around and get some basic information on them.
• Send over any property that will fit the criteria of any investor and wait for them to close. Then collect.

You should not need any sort of a contract as most investors will want to stay honest to protect their reputation in the investing community. However, you can get your hands on a general bird dog agreement if it makes you feel better.

Good Luck :biggrin

You can sometimes find investors to bird dog for in the “real estate services” section of Craigslist in your city

or in the “etc” section of craigslist