How do I assign this contract

ok, new member question…

I have am living in a condo with a lease with option to purchase for $465,000 and have been for the last 2 1/2 years…

The prices in my area have went way up and my condo should appraise for almost $600,000…

My purchase option allows me to assign the contract and I have found a buyer for $585,000.

How do I do this? I don’t have a high enough credit score to get a loan to purchase the condo.

Please help!

Does your contract with the owner give you the right to sell it? If so, get the buyer to sign a purchase contract from you and do a double close. You aren’t going to get a loan. The new buyers money will buy the condo. You will get what’s left over.

can he sell the option to a llc that he/she creates then assign the buyer rights to the llc?

That’s making it too complicated. You can either assign the contract for an assignment fee or if your making a huge profit and you don’t want the original seller to know how much, you can do a double close.

Sorry I meant if he doesn’t have the right to sell the option to someone else

Probably not because the contract will state he doesn’t have the right to sell the option

yes, I am able to assign it…

it’s pretty easy then. You need a seperate assignment contract. Assign, then collect your fee.

Your purchase option allows you to assign your option, great.

Does your lease allow you to sublet?

How long was the option granted? You’ve been there 2.5 years. Just want to make sure that you still actually have a viable option contract (Seriously, I’ve seen where people have tried to sell a contract that was null and void).

Understand exactly what you are assigning. You aren’t assigning a purchase and sell agreement, but rather an option to purchase agreement. I’m not sure what you put down as an option fee to get your contract, but all you are going to get upfront is basically an option fee, not the $100K+ in price difference.

In fact, it’s quite possible that you won’t get anything much because the sell price only becomes important IF the person chooses to exercise that option (actually buy the place).