How do big league investors get their questions answered?

Do investors like Trump just pay people to council them about certain deals?

Who do big shots turn to for advice about huge deals?

Do they all have business mentors?


As time passes by and experience and knowledge grow we become one of those experts, however with that said it means we know less and less as time goes by and it's important to surround ourselves with knowledgeable associates and consultants who are experienced in specific knowledge and able to see the pitfalls and problems before they rear their ugly heads. 

I have great associates with professional backgrounds and a vast group of knowledgeable consultants who are available to supplement any gaps or holes in our base of experience.

I have had a number of mentors, my dad, mom and a handful of highly experienced and successful business men who shared there knowledge and experience with me, this is the basis of success and the basis of a solid business foundation.

Even the smartest people in the world want input from others to make sure everything is covered and the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed!


Investors always have their own mentors with them but yes as said by gold river experience and knowledge lead then to grow high. Their are many huge investors who have their own mind set and just follow someone and use their own strategy but yes get success. Also many people use to pay council for the same.

They are members of a Group that they paid to be in.
Im in F2F
Im in SREC
Im in ADM
each one cost over 1,000 to purchase…
its an Investment

They have mentors, individuals who they look up which transform them to become experts in the field. Also, I think they have high caliber attorneys to answer everything.