How did the buyer pay for the house?

Is there a way to see how a house was bought? I mean was it bought using financing or all cash? I’d like to see if i can identify the Cash buyers for my area.

You can look up the buyer on the county recorder’s office and see if he has a mortgage on the property.


I look at the tax records in mls to see when they bought the house and when. if they bought over ten years ago and have not refinanced, I approach them.

You can also ask

I was more looking for a sortable list to save some time. Was hoping the MLS could tell me how the home was bought. It seems like the MLS in my area has the fields for it, but it is not maintained. darn

are you using a free service, or the system that realtors have access to? The free mls wont give that much detail. Do a google search for (your county) tax assessors website, and enter the property address

In the Tampa mls you can see how properties were sold. The field is called “sold terms.”

If it’s not on the standard search page, you can probably add additional fields to your search. That’s how ours works.

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I was going by the MLS Listing sheets that a realtor sent me. Now that I think about it, they probably don’t have all the fields.

This weekend I’m going to try and see if I can go into my friends Mom’s office and look through the MLS myself for the first time. Get a hang of it and see what it has to offer me.