How could I use investors for this deal? How can I recruit and screen them?

I came across a 4-plex (all 3 bed units) that was a “condo rehab gone bad.” They’re looking for $259k. Units are at different levels of completion from what I can see looking through windows. When finished and fully rented it would generate about $4800/mo.

I am interested in digging deeper into this to get some hard numbers on rehab and completion expenses still needed, but I haven’t because there’s no way I could fund it. How could I use an investor in this situation? Is it realistic that someone would lend me the puchase and rehab cash with no payment due for 6 months while I fix and rent the units, at which point I could get regular financing to repay loan plus agreed upon interest? What would be reasonable terms for something like this? What other options would there be?

Before its possible to tell what you can do with this one we’ll need to know approximate rehab costs and ARV. Without those numbers there is no way to tell whether this is a gold mine or a brown pile of poo.

Previous sale in July of '06 for $555,000. I’m guessing it was functional as a rental at that point, then they screwed it up with the condo conversion attempt.

Currently $259k asking price.
$120k rehab completion. This is a high estimate.

Rents for 3 bed units in this area are $1150 give or take. So $4600 per month.
Coin laundry for four 3 bed units makes ???

Taxes $5760
Water/Trash/Sewer through city is $175 per month
Lawn care and snow removal averages $75 per month

I mostly wanted to know:
Would someone give me purchase and rehab money at no payments for 6 months while I finished rehab and got rented?
How could an investor help me on this?
How do I search for and screen investors?
Samples loan structures for something like this?