How can you go about getting a personal loan from a bank? What collateral do you

I will probably need to replace my car soon, but I don’t know that I want a traditional car loan because it would require having more insurance, and thus be rather expensive for me. (It’d be about double for me, as I don’t have a spotless driving record). I was wondering if instead I could get a personal loan from the bank, say in the neighborhood of $3-5K and use that for a car thus saving me a bunch of money by not needing collision coverage if I could pay for the car in cash.

Now the questions … is this possible, or is there usually some stipulation that you can’t use a personal loan for a car? What sort of collateral do you usually need for a personal loan? If you have good credit, can you get one w/out collateral? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

So what you are saying is that you would insure the bank’s car but you won’t insure your own car.