How can I make cheap bandit signs?

I made my own bandit sign art that is better than the standard “We Buy Houses,” sign.

I have the picture on my computer and can print it at 18x24 at Staples.

Any ideas for how I can make the plastic? Any cheap plastic floating around out there that I can cut to size. I would literally have used old cardboard out of dumpsters if cardboard didn’t get soggy in the rain.

And I also need a way to keep the paper from getting soggy in the rain.

The custom bandit signs that I have seen are over $8.00/piece, which is not worth it.


 Staples, Office Max, Kinkos, etc. All have backing materials available for sale that art work can be printed to / laminated to in order to create a sign.

The cost is probable more than would be paid for a standard bundle of bandit signs!


But mine has artwork that has a picture of a big wad of cash. I want to put that on there.

It gives me something on the competition. I actually got a call from those Craigslist ads I ran a few months ago and she told me she was attracted to the big wad of cash in my ad. I’ll figure out how to make it happen.

You can yank other bandits signs and then spray can them clean white, then put on it your new marketing material.

Redstar, it is POLITICAL SEASON go aroouind and round up all the political signs you can get and use the.