How can I get tenants out I just bought they have no leases

I just bought the house and it was suppose to be vacant they have no leases and they won’t sign one, they won’t pay rent. I need to get them out asap!

Start the eviction process TODAY!

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Yea, start the eviction process today. More than likely they have been there for months without paying rent. Dont expect that to change. Some people are assholes and feel as is they have some right to live in a property, rent free.

Be prepared for damages to the place. If there are measures you can take to minimize that damage, do so now.

I’m not too sure what the law is when it comes to electricity on a vacant property. They must have some type of electricity there, but you might be able to call the light company have it cut off, since you never authorized it. Maybe propertymanager can give some insight. Not sure if that is legal, if its not, then I wish it was. :biggrin

They are basically squatters and vandals. Those types of people really piss me off.

Like most people say all the time, offer them a couple hundred bucks to move and clean up behind themselves and save alot of time and $$$. BS that you have to pay low lifes to get out of your property, but such is the world we live in today. :banghead

sadly, this is an excellent idea.

About 3 years ago I bought a home from a lady that decided not to move out. In the purchase contract I had posession of property set for two weeks after closing so she had time to get her stuff out. Well, she didn’t. I tried to bribe her but she didn’t budge. I found out later that she didn’t have a place to move to so she had nowhere to go. Not my freakin problem. I have a heart and tried to work with her but as I learned (thanks Mike) over the years that this is business. Do whatever it takes (legally of course) to get their asses out of there. I would even call the sherriffs office and let them know what happened and you want these squatters out. Take proof of ownership obviously. Just let them know you mean business and aren’t screwing around.

Oh yeah, and maybe on the next house you buy… make sure it’s vacant!!! Good luck on this. :beer

I NEVER pay deadbeats to move. In the rental business, tenants know each other and talk to each other. Word will quickly get around that you are a weak landlord if you pay someone to leave. Before long, every deadbeat in town will be trying to become your tenant. When they are ready to leave, they will simply stop paying and expect you to pay them to move also.



Evict them and pay the sheriff to move them out. By the way, you can also get a judgment for the damages also if they tear it up. If they vandalize the unit call the cops this is a criminal matter and can be leveraged into getting cash out of them.

Thanks great insight. I shut the water off. :bobble I guess where I live they can sue me but it will only be adjusted in rents they have not paid. :beer I tried to shut of the electric but its not in my name, but PSGE told me that the bill was really high and they soon will shut that off too. I will not pay because the people are really a**holes :evil and told me to take them to court so thats what I will be doing.

Obviously not knowing where each and ever one of you live and do business, but will say that in my area, eviction procedings are EXTREMELY slow ( meanwhile your not being paid rent and they low balls are trashing your units even more ) then when you do get your day in court, you can expect to spend the ENTIRE day there as they are so backed up. An attorney is also a must as the judges are a real pain in the ass. I know many local investors who have millions in units and do the exact method i said ( where do you think i got the idea from? :biggrin ) and they have to do this vey SELDOM, why? Because they dont worry about the word of mouth scam that propertymanager describes because they do FULL and proper background checks and application forms is why. :bobble

I agree completely with wanting to knock the crap out of the lowballs and drag their ass’s through the ringer, but when all is said and done, with loss of rent through the eviction process, damages to the unit, court and lawyers fees, your time and MAJOR aggravations , you may feel like you won, but lost far far more than making a deal. :banghead

I shut the water off. I guess where I live they can sue me but it will only be adjusted in rents they have not paid.

I would be very careful about carrying out a self-help eviction. In most (if not all) states, shutting off the water is a serious violation and you can be subject to serious penalties. You can lose FAR more than the rents they have not paid and will also be subject to a lot of legal expenses. VERY POOR IDEA that is not conducive to a long career in the rental property business.

Because they dont worry about the word of mouth scam that propertymanager describes because they do FULL and proper background checks and application forms is why

Ridiculous! No one does a more thorough background check than I do (credit check, criminal background check, eviction check, employment check, etc). If you pay one tenant, you will end up paying every non-paying tenant you have. When tenants want to leave, they’ll simply stop paying and not only beat you out of a month or two of rent, but get you to pay them as well. You might even be subject to discrimination charges if you pay one but don’t pay another.

Thanks anyway!


Next time a walkthru prior to signing paperwork is in order to be damn sure its vacant.

Yeah well to late for that now thanks though :rolleyes

Am I missing something? They have no lease…they have no claim to the property…they are TRESPASSING! Call the police and tell them you have people trespassing! They can’t be tenants without a lease and paying rent…they are BUMS! Have them physically removed from the property and press charges!

I think our o/p is going to find that its a civil matter, not a criminal matter and the police are probably not going to help.

You may end up paying the electric bill. The electric bill should have been settled by the seller at the closing table. The electric company will try and get it from the tenant, but in the end if the tenant won’t pay it, then they will put a lien on the property. Which means YOU will pay it.

I purchased a SFH that was vacant. The last tenant did not pay the utility bill before they moved out. So when I closed I knew of the unpaid bill of $300. I could have made the seller pay it. I didn’t care because I bought the property for half of what it was worth. But if the utility company doesn’t get their money from this old tenant, they will make me pay for it. It doesn’t matter that it was in their name, and it doesn’t matter that they moved out long before I owned it.

Unfortunately, I believe that going to court to get a judgment against them, will be a waste of time. Most of these idiots who don’t pay rent are lowlifes. And probably dont have anything of value to give. A judgment against them will remain unsettled, those are the types of people who dont pay traffic tickets or bills. They will not show up to court and you will have wasted time and money on a worthless judgment.

Of course, if you feel you can get something from them, do take them to court. But normally, these squatters have nothing to lose or give.

So you can live on someone’s property without a lease…without paying to live there…against the owner of the property’s will…and it’s not considered trespassing?!?

I would call the cops and see what they would say about it.

We don’t know if the owner allowed them to stay there originally or not. The original poster is calling these folks tenants so I assume at some point they were allowed to live there, regardless we are both speculating until the poster reports back. If he did allow them to live there then this is a civil eviction matter. If it was allowed it doesn’t require a lease and/or payment to allow them to legally live there.

It doesn’t matter whether the current residents have a lease or not. Even if they’re tresspassing, once they start living there, they need to be legally evicted. Follow your state/local law.

We just bought a duplex and put a provision in the purchase contract so the seller would give the current tenant a notice before closing. We don’t want to inherit someone’s (undisciplined) tenants.