How can I get a survey myself?


I’m buying a house. The seller couldn’t find the survey. So, the title company will need to order one, which would cost me like $350.

Can I get a survey myself? from the court house? where? How?


Howdy My_tang:

Surveys have to be newer than 7 years and if there are changes then a new one will have to be ordered. If the seller can not find a copy you may be able to get a copy from the company that did the survey in the past. The title company that closed the sale may be able to help locate a copy as well.

Courthouses keep files on subdivisions and not each property. You can get a copy of the plat from the courthouse that will show the property lines but not your house on the property. This will not help with the closing.

The title company will probably get you a better price than you can get because they order in volume.