how can i generate seller leads?

in order to generate seller leads I am planning to talk to a real estate agent. I am going to tell him or her that I am a wholersaler and I was hoping if they could help me finds great deals that I can wholesale. I would give them a commission on every deal I close on.

is this a good idea? if yes why? if no, why?

Not all the way a bad idea. You just want to make sure that you actually have buyers for these deals! If the Realtors in your locale see that you can actually close these deals out they will snd them your way!

Also, make sure that you’re explaining to them exactly what it is that you do. Meaning, they have to understand that you’re a wholesaler and you need deeply discounted deals to make your profit, as well as their commission!

Hope this helps.

Dealing with realtors can be a gold mine. Get on their good side and you my have an income stream that last for a while. It is usually the new to the game realtors that are open to give you expired listings, etc… I can be very helpful.

Just make sure you throw them some leads you cant use every now and then, you will have a friend for life. :dance