How can I find a local realtor to look for potential property

I would like some good sources to find a local realtor to keep an eye out for me for possible investment to rent. I tried calling a few realtor offices and they give me the next in rotation not the person who is good at investment property. I tried googling investment realtors with zero luck.

Any insight for sources would be appreciated. Thanks.

Go into the office and talk with the broker, and find out if any of their agents own rental property. If none do, say, “Next” and move on to the next real estate office. Keep asking until you find the agent/broker that actually invests in real estate.

He won’t be competition to you, but will know what to look for, and more importantly “why” it’s worth looking at, and making an offer.

Good luck.

A lot of people don’t understand why he won’t be compitition for you. They will say they don’t know if a mentor will steal their deals or be in competition. But nobody can do ALL the deals. They just can’t physically do them all. This mentality comes from Realtors that have competing brokers. A broker can steal listings etc from agents but doing deals is too large of an enterprise to do more than you are organized to handle.

I agreed with Javipa. Search the companies online, mail them and after that, go to every office presenting them the offer. I think; you will get the desired person to help you, using this way.

What I usually do is search the internet and it will give you great results. If it doesn’t I turn to the yellowpages or some other directories. :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of local realtor nowadays, just search it in the internet and you have it.

Why don’t you join your local RE clubs and not only meet realtors but fellow investors and all other possible like-minded people.

Attend local real estate investment clubs. People who attend these are already interested in real estate investments. Other ways to find investors through the internet.