How can I find a bird dog in San Antonio?

Hi, Can anyone let me know where I can find a bird dog in North San Antonio?

Why not go to SAREIA meetings? You can also advertise on their website.

REIAs are the absolute best place…

You can also advertise on your business cards (and plaster them everywhere), advertise in the newspaper, put up bandit signs, talk to at 10 new people every single day and tell them that you’re looking to buy houses (and will pay them…) talk to postal workers, UPS/Fed Ex drivers, exterminators, gas/electric residential meter readers, grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, property managers, everyone and anyone…


Everyone has recommended you use SAREIA. I am apart of SAREIA. I have been an investor for 17 years. I am an investor’s agent in San Antonio now. I routinely run the comps on the wholesale deals the SAREIA members pitch each other and they are usually more inflated than a beach ball. It is common for them to tell each other the ARV on a property is 123K and selling at a discount for 86K. When you get into the nuts and bolt you realize the true comp is 94K and that the home for 86K has either–title issues, structural issues, or just ordinary deferred maintenance.

SAREIA is part of the solution but due diligence is really the key. Build a team of professionals around you so you know you are not getting screwed over. I can assist buyers with free education and training as well as mentorship.

Tommy Ray, San Antonio Real Estate Investor’s Association Member, USAF Retired.

Amen to that… I don’t even bother looking at the wholesale deals posted on SAREIA’s website. The good deals never make it to the website, the rest are motivated buyers buying wrong.

SAREIA meetings are good for networking, new investors should network with the more experienced investors to gain knowledge not go with their comfort level and stick around other new investors.

JD, Once you find wholesalers, then it is a matter of being on the ground to do the “due diligence” on the properties that the wholesalers bring you. 1 out of the 10 deals that a wholesaler brings you will actually be worth while doing. Most of the time the prices are inflated.

In my own expereince, most genuine deals with potentially good numbers require rehab work also so its actually important to ensure that who ever your wholesaler is has a thorough understanding of the market they are wholesailing.

Bottom line, until you build up a good enough relationship with a wholesaler make sure you get good comps and do your due diligence. Im my opinion, a great deal may come around once inwhile but there are plenty of good deals out there. Its all about the simply theory in my opinion- problem + solution = profit.

When we come across a “great deal” we dont give them away. If we cant afford to do the deal ourselves we find an investor for a Joint Venture partner.

good luck with it.