How big is your market?

I been looking in my very small market and think I need to expand into the next county. I think I would do better if I worked a 30 mile radius from my house. How big is the area you work in? Mile wise.

I stay within my county. I am familiar with the procedures and who to talk to as far as building inspectors, taxes, etc. Just easier for me that way.

Personally, I’ll not go past the 50 mile range.
I’ve yet to do a deal in a town where the population wasn’t
larger than ~5,000. The next largest city is about 45 miles away, with
a population of around 36,000 (this is big to me).

Are there no deals in your “backyard”?
Or is the job market depressed?

miami dade county has about 2-3 million people not sure on the miles though

suffolk county - 1.6 million