How bad will it get?????

Take look at this web site. Watch the short video at the top.

Gerald Celente has been spot on in his predictions for over a decade.
This guy looks at trends in EVERYTHING. Politics, economics, social trends, the works.

Once you watch the video on his site which gives you a brief run down of past trend predictions, check out this video…

I’m not saying I agree with everything he says, but man…This guy’s track record is very hard to argue with. If he’s right…

We might look back on early 2009 as…


It’s about being PREPARED…Instead of buying into all this stimulus/bailout BS.

If you don’t absolutely NEED IT…Don’t BUY IT!!!

The REALLY tough times haven’t even started…But they’re coming…SOON.

I just finished watching the video on his site. I admit that I’ve never heard of the guy before, but that is SCARY how he’s able to predict stuff before it happens…I think I’m gonna pay some more attention to his trends from now on…

I agree with some his points.

I think the next industry and breakthrough technology are the same. he mentioned health care as a growth industry, i agree and ill go further with it and say stem cell research will be our biggest advance. the stuff they can do with it is amazing and i see huge potential with it.

the guy seems like hes a fear monger if you ask me though, he seems to always be pushing gold.

i also dont see how the commercial real estate collapse could dwarf the residential. there’s no way that could be true. people’s homes are a large part of their net worth. also Its people’s HOMES not an income producer.

I agree with you. He makes some good points but goes a little over board on somethings.

Stem cells are definitley the future.

I watched a documentary last year about a German Cardiologist who had perfected a stem cell treatment for heart attack victims. When a heart attack occurs the actual heart muscle itself dies. This lowers the ability of the remaining GOOD muscle to pump blood.

The German Doctor harvests stem cells FROM the heart attack patient’s own bone marrow. These stem cells are then injected into the area of the Patients heart where the dead muscle tissue is. This is done using a cardiac cath. The amazing part was the patient was actually awake during the entire stem cell treatment. Because the stem cells are from the patients own body there is NO rejection medication ever needed. In EVERY case…Patients had HUGE increases in actual HEALTHY heart muscle. The stem cells regenerated that dead tissue!!! In some cases to 100%!


Can you imagine how valuable CORD BLOOD will be in the future??
Cord blood is loaded with SUPER STEM CELLS…If you plan on, or are having children SAVE THAT CORD BLOOD!!! The things they’ll be able to use that blood for in the future will be mind boggling.

As far as Celente’s predictions on Commercial Real Estate going bust…I think he hit that one right on the head…He’s not the only one…

But you are right…The Residential side of this bust is bigger than the commercial will be.

How bad will it get? You mean, how bad it actually is…

…and these idiots in Washington just signed a law the LARGEST spending bill in HISORY WITHOUT even looking at the details of the bill!..

The bill ballooned from the 700+ pages to over 1100 over the last few days. And they voted for it WITHOUT READING THE CHANGES. You can only imagine what they threw in there. And the Dems broke yet ANOTHER promise about giving the pubic 48 hours access to the Bill BEFORE voting for it. Why do you think they did this? Because they know full well, the voters stomach’s were souring on this thing BEFORE they made all the changes.

Absolutely CRIMINAL and I would argue… Treasonous! If Obama signs this into law, he will have shown the same utter disregard for the taxpayers as the Dems just did… so much for “transparency”

And Geiithner, the tax cheat, wants to use 2 TRILLION DOLLARS on top of the $700+ BILLION they had in the original con-job know as TARP. WITHOUT giving details, hearings, etc. until I quote - “we get it right” - IF YOU DON"T HAVE IT RIGHT, HOW DO WE KNOW WE NEED 2 TRILLION!

Mind boggling…

I LOVE this last line in the above article -

“The federal government is bankrupt,” Williams told WND. “In a post-Enron world, if the federal government were a corporation such as General Motors, the president and senior Treasury officers would be in federal penitentiary.”

…so true, and yet we’re ready to let them preside over administration of the healthcare industry… AAAAGHHHH!


Thanks for posting.

If you listen to Bernanke whenever he’s testified or given a speech…and when someone asks him about a comparison with THIS and the Depression era of the '30’s…he always has given a smirky response…to the affect that THIS in no way compares to how bad it was back THEN.

It’s as if he’s wearing his academic teacher’s silver star…for knowing more about the 30’s Depression…than anyone else.

One thing that I pointedly like about Celente’s interpretation of the comparison of the two…is that back THEN…there were no…or little… home equity type loans…much more of a cash basis economy.

That, in itself, points to the magnitude of how THIS is much worse than THAT, (30’s).

Subprime, McMansion’s, Commercial…Leverage/Debt cripples.

We need to get back to exporting good tangible products…not toxic stuff that makes a quick buck.


I agree Mike.

I think we have ONE SHOT here, and ONE SHOT ONLY.

Forget the bailout BS…

Right now…What we need is a Federal & Private effort to develope alternative energy systems.

I’m not talking about the tree hugger BS. I talking about REAL PROVEN technology that WORKS!!

Tidal…That high and low tide thing has been VERY PREDICTABLE for a few million years…WHY NOT HARNESS IT??? Even WAVE movements can be harnessed.

WIND…Yep…It’s got draw backs…But come on, we put men on the moon 4 decaeds ago!!! I’m pretty sure we can tackle this one.

Solar…Yep…loads of draw backs…BUT…again…That sun has been pretty darn reliable for a few MILLION YEARS…Let’s USE IT.

The future may be unclear but ONE thing isn’t…

This planet is about to explode as far as energy demand goes. If we had a concerted effort like we had when we raced to put a man on the moon, there is NO WAY anyone beats us to this.

Build the systems and sub systems HERE…SELL THE PRODUCTS AROUND THE WORLD!!!
Think about the potential markets for this…UNLIMITED UPSIDE!!

I love it in the 1st video how they show that clip from “The Road Warrior”. Buy up some gas and bullets for the Apocalypse so you’ll be rich in the wasteland.

I think things will be bad but I’m still not convinced it will be end of the world bad…guess we’ll find out soon enough.

I find it interesting that when consumers increase their savings and reduce their DEBT purchases, it sends the econonomy into a freefall. Look what the lack of credit does to the GLOBAL economy. The govt. says we should spend money to get the economy going but its that spending (on credit) and lack of savings (reserves) that helped create this mess. How many foreclosures could have been avoided if people didn’t max out the inflated, false equity in their home to pay off the credit cards, that they used to buy things they didn’t need? I’ve talked to several lenders and their requirements are where they should have been all along. Good credit, stable income and 10 - 20% money down. But this current credit is being called a “crisis”. I gues it is a crisis when an economy has such a large dependence on credit. I don’t expect things to permanently change much in the long term. Consumers and lenders will have short memories and return to their old ways.

You can’t help but wonder how close some nations are leaning towards war at this point over resources and economic stimulation. We’re teetering on the brink here whether most people know it/ want to acknowledge it or not.

So does that mean I should load up on food cans? It will seem interesting how all this will look for 5 years from now. :flush lol jk

If you don't absolutely NEED IT....Don't BUY IT!!!

Wish List:

New fluorescent lighting for home office…$10 bucks.


Especially in newer communities where there’s such a hodgepodge of different people with little in common, little sense of community. Will people help each other out in a long term crisis or turn on one another?

So does that mean I should load up on food cans?

YES! I have been loading up on canned food for 2 years. Buy a few extra cans every time you go to the store. Don’t forget some provision for water and other essentials. Food is great for any emergency, whether that’s an economic collapse, terrorist attack, or natural disaster. Just be sure to rotate and eat the food before it goes bad.


The economic strength of our nation has always been based in three things.

The strength of our independent minded, productive, hardworking people.

Our vast natural resources.

Our free market economy.

These are what made us a great power. But we have steadily been eroding our ability to tap into any of these strengths. Entitlements and socialist concepts are eroding the desire of our people to be as productive. Most of our resources are not touchable because of a wild idea being taken as fact called global warming. And we are blaming a free market for the fact that we have some economic pain once in a while, so are working to get rid of it.

How bad will it get?

Hopefully bad enough that we will realize what we had and turn back. Hopefully it will bad enough that people will once again realize that government can’t take care of them at anywhere near the level that they can take care of themselves if they have motivation and the government stays out of their way. People will realize that without the use of our resources, we can be poor environmentalists. And just maybe people that preach that capitalism is the problem will realize that although it isn’t perfect, it sure beats all other alternatives silly.


EXACTLY, We have simply had it too good for too long, maybe after the typical bubble gum chewing American comes to grip with how government spending effects their own life, we can rebuild things after the collapse. My opinion is there is only one party that can accomplish this, the libertarian party.

The interesting thing about all this is that we are moving toward socialism because of the idea that it will level the playing field between the haves and the have nots. But as we take each step, more people become dependent on the government and its bailouts, and the have nots add to their numbers. They are then told that more government will help them level the playing field, they vote for it and start the cycle over. Historically in socialism there is the vast majority who have barely enough, and a few in power who control everything. That is vastly different from the opportunity for anyone to do great things that our country has offered all of us. Yet until we get a shift in the thinking of the average American to realize that this is not the path we need to take, we will just keep circling the rim on the way down. The “progressives” are taking us backward as fast as they can.


I think it will get really really bad! I know, I know…shocking…but here’s the thing. I notice most people on this site are pro capitalism/free markets, anti socialism.

And you know I don’t think it matters what system we’re working with. People are still going to be greedy, and that ruins ANY system. Stimulus…big deal, greed and mismanagement will make it less ineffective. People will abuse the system and deserving people will be passed over. The free market system itself was abused by greedy people making a quick buck from the housing market is what started all this. And greedy people will slow down any recovery, if one ever comes.

So I think it will get really bad, and as long as greedy people(eg madoff, enron management, oil companies, and pretty much ANY greedy person) abound like they do, this country and the rest of the world’s economies seems doomed.

What does he mean by tax revolt?
We refuse to pay taxes or what? Doesnt that mean eventual jail time?

Anybody have any suggestions on what WE the people should do to turn the tide, right now?