How and where to find a lender???

SO I have a property and I have most of the money…how would I find a Hard Money lender for Ohio area property??

I have 70% of the money needed and I need a loan of 30%…I don’t want the loan in my own name, but in my business…and want it asset based.

So where do I find them??? I’m looking…any help would be much appreciated!!


Apparently I’ve not given enough info to show why…

This property I wish to purchase is 5.9 acres with a 3200 sq ft home.
A 60x40 pole barn currently in use for storage of couple boats and RV’s with an income of $300 per month.
The additional attached 5.16 acreage will be on a land contract with the current owner still working the land (hay) and leasing back to me. (Huge tax breaks CAUV)
There is a very large horse barn 120x30 with 14 stalls creating an income of $2500.00 in current boarding. Additional income of $1000.00 after all stalls are filled. The potential of more stalls could be built creating even more income.

I have most of the money as I said, but am short 100k. This will be no problem repaid within 1yr. My income is incredibly hard to verify, but is very much there! I would be able to pay with obvious interest, but coming up with this additional amount is currently not feasible, nor am I able to qualify for a “traditional loan” for reasons stated above (gone are the no-docs) but will easily be repaid.

I would agree to terms obviously protecting both parties.

What more info? Can anyone guide me?? i have checked out almost every post and looked at many companies on this site now. I just need a trusting lender who sees the potential of this property and me! If I could prove my income all would see and say no prob…but then Big Brother would love to see that too…lol
Write offs can be blessings and curses!!!


Thank you!

With 70% down, any bank would loan you a new first mortgage for the 30%. Their in business to loan money and this would be a very safe bet for them. Just go to any bank and present 70% down and see what happens. I believe they would loan it to your business entity also as it is only 30% LTV.


I tried that…they all want bank statements and income verifications! AND…this is NOT my first home…I was playing hard when things were no doc loans and moved several properties in the past.
Now 6 yrs later all the rules have changed and I can’t state it any longer…a few had to spoil it for the rest!!!

Funny thing is this is not an inability to pay…it’s a proof issue for me :slight_smile:

Did you check out the Investor Resources on the sidebar to the left.

Otherwise its better not to get “hard Money” Do you have equity in your first home? Get a HELOC. The first $150K is tax deductable…

There has to be someone in your area that would loan on a 30% LTV, try the Beneficial finance type of lenders or private lenders. Ask your local Realtor to put you in touch with a mortgage broker that does the most business in town, if they are still in business they have worked with private financing before and if the deal is good then you will get thew money.