How about this idea

Hey everyone - this is my first post. I love this place, I have learned TONS!! Thanks everyone.

What do you think of getting some T-Shirts printed up that have “I buy houses in any condition” plastered on the back then go for a long shop with the wife to Wal-Mart or the grocery store. Maybe have your website printed on there so they can look you up.

Wear these things every time you go out. You’re bound to get some good leads from these.

good idea!
It would certainly work as a supplement to your main marketing campaign.

I do that and I wear them from time to time and have friends who do as well. No calls from them, but all you need is one call so do it and don’t get frustrated if you get no calls :slight_smile:

I think it can’t hurt, but I agree, don’t expect too much return. It’s just one more thing to combine with all the other marketing you do.

T-shirts and novelty items are good for building a brand. So if you are looking at slowly grinding yourself pass the we buy ugly houses guys, it will take creativity and innovation. But it can be pulled off.

The key is to print up at least 100 and take them with you, when interviewing sellers. Leave them with a shirt.

In order to be effective with the shirts, you have to circulate them by the boat load.

A few shirts will not do the trick. Give them to the out doorsy type people that are everywhere.