how 2 find and approach property owners

Hi all,

I’ve done plenty of REO,hud houses.But the market seems to be overrun with people paying too much for these to make much profit.So I’m wanting to explore vacant or abandoned houses I’ve found.I’ve found the owners through tax records(I hope anyway).But whats the best way to word a letter without offending them that has worked for yall?Also if the tax records are’nt accurate how else can I find the owners?


I recommend sending a postcard…it’s cheaper, and they don’t have to open anything. Also, don’t send out less than 200 unless you want to get frustrated.

Ok…now to answer your question…

"Dear _______,

I saw your property located at 123 Main Street and would be interested in purchasing the property. I can pay all CASH and close quickly. Please call me at XXX-XXXX if you’d be interested in selling"

…I’ve seen all sorts of variations of this…the thing is it’s a numbers game, so send a bunch out and you’ll get some results.

Be sure to put “Return Address Service Requested” on the front of the postcard. That way the Post Office will send you a forwarding notice if it’s applicable.

Finally, as a last resort, you can hire a skip tracer to find the owner…think about it…it’s a step most investors will NEVER do, and that will put you further ahead of the game…and if the tax assessor can’t find them, and other investors aren’t going to try, they just might be that motivated seller you’re looking for!!

Hope that helps!!

Thanks for the response.I’m trying to get the address of alot of them myself right now.I guess if this does’nt respond I’ll check in with the neighbors around them,I’m sure they’d be happy to see some of these eyesores brought back to life.Thanks so much,best luck to you also.