Houston Title Companies

I am a new wholesaler to Houston hoping to get some help! :help

I have been searching around for a while now trying to find a quality/experienced Title Company in the North Houston area (Spring/Woodlands area preferred but greater Houston area is fine if necessary).

I need one that can do (and has done) many assignments, double closings (simultaneous closings where I don’t purchase the property even for 1 second, but the end buyer’s cash closes with my seller), subject-to wraps, lease options, and basically all types of creative real estate deals (mainly wholesaling deals).

Does anyone have any recommendations? I have been calling local title companies but the ones I have interviewed basically say “we no longer do any of those types of deals” or they have never heard of them.

I appreciate the help greatly!!!


I am sending you a PM to talk about Title Company referrals!


Anyone else have any title companies in the North Houston area that can handle assignments, simultaneous closings, subject to wraps, contract for deeds, lease options, etc…?

Thank you for responding GR!

I’am also in Houston and have talked to an agent at North American Title. They handle all the transactions you mentioned. Google North American Title in Houston and I’am sure you will find one near you. Good luck :biggrin

Yep I actually spoke with someone at North American Title the other day and they said they can do assignments and double escrows, but no wraps/contract for deed/lease options.

I was wanting to find a title company that could do it all, but I may have to get an attorney to do the wrap transactions…

Any thoughts on that?