Houston Friendly Title Companies and Wholesale Contracts

I’m a new wholesaler in Austin, TX and I am going to see a property in Houston. Does anyone know of a really good investor friendly title company in Houston, TX? I also need some good wholesaling contracts? Please Help!

I can help walk you thru a few deals, I will help with negotiating, contracts, getting it sold for 50% of the profit.
Did you See my Real Estate success story that REI published?

No, I haven’t seen it. I am interesting in working with you on wholesale deals. I also have a seller that’s interested in receiving payments on the sale of his home.

Rando I want to work with you on a couple deals as well, would love to pick your brain. PM me your phone number so we can get this thing started. I just sent out a bunch of letters targeting wholesale deals.

I’ve done a bunch of Sub2, and a few wholesale deals but I want to seriously add wholesaling to my arsenal. There are a few aspects of it that still make me nervous.