Housing Market Recovering Nicely, Per US Government Survey

According to a survey conducted by the US government, the housing market has been strengthening greatly since the end of 2011. The Housing Scorecard survey is a monthly release produced by the Obama administration. The recovery has caused existing homes sales to reach the highest levels the market has seen in over two years. This is according to August 2012 numbers.

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How do you feel about the latest recovery news from the US government? Do you think it’s the sign of a long-term recovery? Share your thoughts.

I agree with the moderator…political things tend to get hot in a hurry.

However that having been said.

In my opinion, to say in today’s economy, that the housing market is improving is like saying that Col Sanders is the chicken’s best friend.

Things in my area are not knocking down doors and selling like hotcakes at IHOP.

I agree that things are improving and it is good to be optimistic, though real estate is local and one should research for themselves which areas are doing good and are worth investing in.

I agree with your opinion completely. There are always reports saying that the housing market is recovering in the US. But, the entire country is a lot of ground to cover. There are some markets that don’t seem to be recovering as quickly as others. Most of these are markets where the bulk of the sales were second homes or vacation homes. So, it’s very important that investors and homebuyers do research on what’s happening in their local markets before buying a home.

Foreclosures may also be decreasing as a whole in the US, but some local markets are still seeing them happening regularly.

Thanks for that useful information. Apparently, housing prices led to major concerns at U.S. A global financial crisis, which has created new barriers to adequate and affordable housing. Unfortunately, the cost of homes in the U.S. have risen for four straight months, claims a leading index of the market. The numbers may hint at welcome growth in the real estate industry, even as the job industry remains flat line.