Houses listed on MLS,

I am seeking homes with Realtor, but would like to assign a deal, (how does agent get paid) assign a contract with minimal earnest money to hold for 30 days until I find buyer.most homes listed on MLS require you to put down 20%,

The person that contracted with the Realtor to list the property pays the Realtor when the house sells. A house on the MLS is for sells. The downpayment is for financing. The 2 are different. When agents fill out the sales documents they put in things like 20% dowpayment etc, but that does not stop the deal. A deal that the buyer does not have 20% down has a lot less likelihood of closing so they really don’t want to fool with us. That is why I deal with investor grade professionals. They understand that I am not putting 20% but I will close the deal. They are different from the housewife down the street with a real estate license that sells 2 houses a year.