House watcher

Today I have two clients that go to other states during the winter they leave Georgia and have second houses up north.

They want me to check up on their houses every month or so. To flush toilets and make sure the house and AC unit is okay.

They gave me keys and we discussed all the details are already worked out. It is verbal agreements. No contracts whatsoever.

Can you share any details or pitfuls of this situation?


So "All Ears" you are in Georgia? I have roots in Georgia! 

Clients? Realtor? I think you’ll be ok, after all you have the keys and the owners don’t seem to have any ulterior motives!

Enjoy your self!


This really depends on how well you know the owners. This deal generally falls into what is called “house- sitting”. If you have known them quite a while, or even friends or family, you should be ok. But if you just met them and doing this, I would have it in writing. Stipulate all requirements, the payment arrangements, what you can and cannot do in the house and verify their valid homeowners insurance before they leave.

On the other hand, if you could get SEVERAL or even a dozen or so of these deals you will have a very easy and lucrative income for yourself.

Gold, Im in a retirement area near atlanta. Before this i was in a retirement area in north florida. Im not retirement age at all. I got my real estate sales license a couple months ago but i have not done anything with it yet.

Midd, when I think of house sitters I think of someone who lives on-premise. My agreement is to just walk through once per week or month to check everything out and make sure their house is okay, but never stay in there for anything else.

Allears, with out an inventory and something in writing you are wide open to anything they may do when they return…such as where is uncle Henry"s ashes urn and where is grandma’s old teakettle…as GR and others have said…all depends on how long and how well you have knows these people,

Perhaps I am a bit paranoid but having been in this business since 1970…I have seen LOTS of things happen.

The current election going on is a good example of how easy it is to allege something.

Hope all works out OK .

I have clients here in Virginia that I do the same thing for , I have known them for a long time but we still have and agreement that includes a " hold harmless" clause, just in case something untoward happens, I have their keys and access codes , no problems in 15 years, but better safe than sorry