House was appraised for 103K But I'll sell to you for 105K

I just got the typical phone call from a typical homeowner interesting in selling.

My house was appraised for 103K but I’ll sell to you for 105K after I do a few repairs.
Is this an older house? yes, has it ever been updated with new windows and remodeled kitchen and baths?
No, never been updated. When can you come to look at it?
I can’t pay full price, I make my living by buying fixers at discounted prices that I can resell.
Could you come and look at it, No, I’m not interested, I can’t do anything at or near that price, I wud be wasting yours and my time.
We’ll what wud you pay? Txt me the address and I’ll get back to with a price I can do.

Never hear from thim again.

Oh the insanity of it all. I try not to be rude. I try not to laugh out loud. I try not to tell them where to put this deal.
I can see how a newbie wholesaler cud get mighty discouraged getting 99% of calls like this one.
Takes a real motivated investor to dig thru all the crap to find the few that are profitable and make it all worthwhile.
Let’s make some MONEY…