I currently have a single family home in south chicago under contract, I have 2 weeks before the contract expires. I advertised in a local Chicago paper and it did not seem to work out. If anybody can help me find a buyer A.S.A.P please help!!!(how do i build a buyers list)…thanks

Have you tried calling the “We buy houses” ads in the paper and on billboards? I’d offer to have you put it up on our auction site, because we have a built-in buyers list, but it doesn’t sound like you have enough time.

You should also contact a member of the local REI…several of the Chicago clube members are members here – check with Paul Strauss.

Not to throw fuel on the fire, but normally, you establish your buyers’ list BEFOREHAND not as an afterthought…


I have to wonder how good the deal is if it’s not moving.

Good point. I just had one where I told the Seller that my purpose was to fix & flip, though I could assign it. Then I realized after getting a contractor estimate that the price was too high. So I showed the Seller my numbers & told him that in order for me to fix & flip, the price had to come down 20K. The Seller did not want to reduce the price. They knew I had the option of getting out of the contract & getting back my earnest $, and they had no problem with that.

I ended up assigning it for a small fee to a Realtor/investor.

Dont forget to try craigslist, I have had a decent amout of success with them. Too beat a dead horse,

  2. Find houses
  3. Connect the 2

I’ve flipped a house before using craigslist. So I know it works.

What are the number on the house???

I think you’re asking about the price of the house I flipped on craigslist. It was for the high $60’s.