House price in USA to go down by 25% in 2009 - By Meryl Lynch

Meryl Lynch said this morning that house prices in USA will crash down by a further 25%. Isn’t that scary? What is happening in USA? is it Depression??? I blame George Bush when he invaded Iraq for no reason. Americans are spending more than $1 billon on a daily basis in IRAQ. more than 500 billion $$$ already spent since the invasion in 2005. Is Ameria heading the way of USSR? This is really scary indeed!

get a life.

property values are inflated on the coasts due to land use resctrictions limiting supply. price goes up. folks can’t afford mortgages, so banks invent clever ways to loan money to people who cannot afford the houses. when these people who shouldn’t have gotten loans in the first place can’t pay, foreclosures go up. When foreclosures increase, the value of the portfolios goes down, as the risk is perceived as higher. When an investment’s value goes down, the owner’s credit rating suffers, and the investor’s cost of borrowing goes up.

and thus we have a “credit crisis.”

It has nothing to do with oil or war. And the middle of the country is doing just fine. Thanks.

Actually you should blame all of your great congressmen and senators for giving him the authorization to wage war.

Besides, the president didn’t tell all of these idiots to buy more house than they can afford…or did he… I do remember seeing something on the History Channel once tracing Bush’s ties to the Illuminati and since they control everything…hmmm… maybe you’re on to something here… THAT’S IT!! All of America’s problems are Bush’s fault. Once he’s out of office all of the problems will be solved…but wait…what about the Illuminati??..they still control everything…OMG The sky is falling!! We’re all doomed!! America is turning into Rome!! Save yourselves!!! AHHHH!! :flush

An economics class here or there might help a little RealPro.

It does have something to do with oil and war. The price of oil and therefore the price at the pump are cutting into homeowners wallets more and more by the day. When you’re mortgage stays the same but the cost of fuel goes up that means you have less money to help pay the mortgage. Quite simple.

And you know who else is doing fine, Exxon, Shell, Amoco, Big Oil, Texas politicans…Oh wait—anyone with ties to the current administration. For anyone who doesn’t understand what’s going on I’m going to put it as simple as possible. A group of guys from Texas got in the White House and they and their oil buddies are benefiting like nothing we have seen before. The price we pay for gas is higher than ever yet Exxon Mobil continues to post record, billion dollar profits. Exxon Mobil is full of executives and board members who are friends of the current administration. To try and equivocate this is being stuck in a state of denial!

I hope the house values DO decline. Then I’ll BUY BUY BUY! Then I’ll buy some more!! :shocked Maybe some of these houses will be in my price range. Besides, the only ones who are really gonna be affected are the people who didn;t have the brains or the income to realize the situation they were in. The people with bad credit will be knocked out of the game. Then the prices will go down and there will be less competition (me). I oppose any kind og govt. help for the greedy banks and borrowers who went crazy with the housing boom. Remember Greenspan’s comment of “irrational exuberance” when he voiced his concerns about the housing boom? I say let the banks and borrowers take a bloodbath!!! :flush :help :shocked Then we investors can come clean up :beer :deal.


You guy’s are so negative. :biggrin

Coming from you, we must be real bad! :bs

Mcwagner, exactly which country are you talking about because here in the USA the “middle” of the country is experiencing the same economic slump , declining real estate prices, outrageous fuel costs, increasing credit crunch, inflation, rising unemployment etc etc as the coasts.
Time for a reality check!