House lost in Fannie Mae. How to contact Fannie?


There is a home I’m interested that is an REO in Fannie Mae’s name.

It’s been 20+ months since foreclosure and it hasn’t been set up for HUD sale yet.

I’ve called the Fannie Mae Atlanta office to see if there is any way I can give them an offer - or at least tell them that they may have lost the paperwork on this home. They simply put me on hold for 5 mins and come back to tell me the house isn’t ready for sale yet.

I called them at 8 months and at 12 months.

I’m beginning to think this is another example of a big government screwup.

My Questions >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  1. Is there any way to make an offer to purchase a Fannie Mae home directly - or does 100% go to the HUD Auction sales?

  2. Does anybody have a contact at Fannie Mae (or tell me the right department) that I could talk to Help them and Myself out?

Thanks - Brian

I think what you can do is call any bank loan officer and ask them for the number to Fannie Mae. and Hula Mae. They Hold this number Because they help people who are in trouble.
You can try that.

Fannie-Mae’s website does have a search feature for their REO parcels. In addition to property information it also returns the contact information for the broker representing Fannie-Mae. Maybe this will be useful: