house loan in summer

could someone explain to me the expected rates this year for house loans

OK lenders and lender wannabes…it’s crystal ball time.

…and while you’ve got it fired up, what will gas prices and airline tickets cost in August?


I am gonna go ahead and guess rates for an “A” credit borrower with at least a 5% for a down payment are looking at 6.625% this summer. As for gas prices in August I am guessing $3.11, and airline tix from Dallas to Las Vegas will be around $329.00 RT.

Does anyone have the winning Lotto #'s for this week? ;D


Here ya go. They worked for Hurley, hope they work for you.

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42


SWEET! I will put you down for 30%!

This is not gospel but a few inside predictions have said that the Prime Rate will be between 8.0% - 8.50% towards the end of the year.

Make a Wish!