House in the sticks

I have a family member that has a home she wants to sale but, the home is in the sticks. She tried a realtor and she cant sell it also, she has tried renting it through the realtor with no results. What can i do to make some money on this house? All the repairs have been done no rehab necessary and its free and clear 3/1 900 square feet.

Price the 900sqft 3/1 at market value. Everything will sell for it’s market price. Everything will rent for it’s market rent. The problem is waiting out an unrealistic price or rent… Somebody needs a reality check. Just saying.

Agreed, price is the problem.

In the sticks there are no jobs. House prices follow jobs. If it’s a nice house in nice shape it might be a vacation rental. That’s about all the advice I can offer.

Houses sell instantly except for condition or price. If they can sell vacant lots in Detroit (and they do everyday). Anything will sell.

It’s all a matter of location, location, location. Most people don’t want to live out in the sticks and commute 50 or 100 miles to work, one way. So that eliminates a lot of people immediately.

Just as a guess, a house fitting your description would probably rent for…

$1500+ a month in Highland Park, Texas
$950 a month in (west) Plano, Texas
$450 a month in Greenville, Texas
$300 a month in Enloe, Texas

All of those cities are suburbs, or outer rim cities, of Dallas, Texas. The further you go out…the cheaper the house gets…because the area has less jobs, less demand to live there and cheaper comps (whether those are sales or rent comps).

So just lower your price accordingly to market conditions, as the previous poster said.

Good luck