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I am one of the newer investors, so I have another stupid question. There is a fixer-upper in a nice area the I would like to buy. The houses in the neighbourhood have either stone or brick exterior, this house has cheap looking wooden panels nailed on the outside. In this case siding is not really an option because it will look out of place in the neighbourhood and it is expensive to put in brick or stone exterior. Do you know of any ways to make the outside of the house look nice without spending a lot of money?
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They make stone veneer that is put up with mortar. If it is done right, I dare anyone to tell it from real stone without actually breaking it to see.

Don’t know where you are but often if there are brick and stone homes (like Colorado, etc.), rough cedar siding with an appropriate stain color looks great, too.


I agree with Keith. I think you can get some great looking faux stone that will be durable and hold its own in the neighborhood. Just make sure your choice is consistent with local weather conditions and will meet inspection standards.

One more thought . If the extrior is concrete or stucco you might want to consult with a local driveway/concrete company that does deocrative finishes. They may be able to spray or paint on a design that will add some “Pop”.

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