I’m sure most of you have seen the commercial with Erik Estrada from Chips advertising the luxury city of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas . Has anyone actually gone on their free trip or know of anyone who has? It just seems like they have been spending a lot of money in my city running this ad every weekend.


Mr CHIPS also does a few other cities though the Hot Springs commerical does get played the most. Sounds like someone reinvented the timeshare wheel.

This company National Recreational Properties markets several properties. They market Anderson Island WA, California Pines CA, Angle Fire NM, Bella Vista AK, Waterwood TX, and of course our favorite Hot Springs AK. They look for resort areas that have infrastructure but didn’t sell for one reason or another. The area close to me is Waterwood. I have been there the problem is it was developed because it is close to Houston, but it is not close enough to Houston so it went under. That is probably what each of these properties has in common. All infrastructures in place but can’t sell because they are too far away.

I like the fact that Waterwood is too far away for someone to live there and work in Houston. I plan to buy a lake house there for vacations and weekends.