Hotel and Motel Financing needed Guide lines Rehabb

I am looking at partnering on a Hotel Rehab project. What are my options for hard money Purchase and Rehab? My partner has 20 years in the hotel Renovation and has buyer. I have been a Residential investor for 15 years.

Hi there Dreamer64!

In order for us to determine what your options are, we’ll need certain key information about your project.

First of all, why do you specifically seek commercial hard money financing for this hotel rehab project?

Next, how much funding do you seek?

Finally, when do you need to fund this project by?

Once you provide these 3 pieces of info, I’ll give you a much clearer idea of what your options are.

Take care & I look forward to hearing back from you soon…

Charles Emery
Managing Director
Commercial Real Estate Loans USA

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